What Are the Benefits of Swimming Pool Filter Timers?


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The benefits of swimming pool filter timers include an easier maintenance routine and lower costs on energy bills. One of the common problems that pool owners face is forgetting to turn off or on the filter to circulate the water and keep the pool clean, and this issue is eliminated with a pool filter timer.

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Owners simply have to set the scheduled time that they want the filter to turn on and off to maintain a clean pool with minimal effort. Not only that, but with the recent addition of seasonal run-time filter timers, owners can have their pool's filter regulate the time that the filter turns off and on based on the temperature as well. During the summer months, there is a higher likelihood that debris enters the pool, so the filter should run for a longer period. However, during the winter months, this likelihood is significantly decreased, so the filter runs less frequently.

Programming a pool filter to run with the use of a timer also significantly reduces overall energy costs. Studies have shown that pool systems account for an enormous portion of a house's overall energy bill. Therefore, by reducing the amount of time that a pool filter operates on a day-to-day basis reduces the energy cost to maintain the pool.

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