What Are the Benefits of Super Deck Stain?

What Are the Benefits of Super Deck Stain?

Super Deck transparent wood stain offers long-lasting protection, prevents ultraviolet damage caused by the sun, repels water and resists surface growth of algae and mildews. With transparent finish, the stain highlights the existing wood grain.

Super Deck transparent stain works on various exterior woods, including cedar, pine and redwood. Users can apply the stain on outdoor wood surfaces such as patio furniture, decks, sidings, fences and shingle shakes. The stain provides a transparent single coat that emphasizes the natural look of the wood with 100 percent grain clarity.

Super Deck also markets pressure treated wood stains that are specifically formulated for pressure treated lumber and non-treated softwoods. The stains help impart natural wood tones to lumbers treated with preservatives such as chromated copper arsenate and alkaline copper quaternary. The wood stains also feature three-oil formulas that provide durability.

The brand’s waterborne stain features resins and pigments that penetrate into wood surfaces. The stain helps protect outdoor wood surfaces while highlighting the natural appearance of the wood. Super Deck’s exotic hardwood stain features a high pigment concentration and a deep penetrating formula for the dense nature of hardwoods.

Super Deck also provides semi-transparent, semi-solid siding, solid color and semi-transparent waterborne wood stains. In addition, the brand sells wood restoration products such as brighteners and cleaners.