What Are Some Benefits of Steel Tables?


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The benefits of steel tables include a high strength-to-weight ratio, fire resistance, a slow aging process and other benefits that are common with steel products. The high strength-to-weight ratio is one reason why steel is often used as a building material.

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Steel is produced under national standards, which means that there are no regional differences in its quality. The end result is a product that provides manufacturers with a consistently high-quality material.

Due to its strength, steel doesn't warp or twist, which is a characteristic that people often want in tables. Steel is also 100 percent recyclable and produces less waste than other materials such as wood. Steel produces 2 percent waste, while wood produces between 15 and 20 percent, according to 4-Point Construction.

Every year, the steel industry recycles millions of tons of steel and uses it in the creation of new steel products. Around 64 percent of all steel products are recycled, which is more than any other material in the United States, including paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. This high recycle rate reduces the amount of solid waste that ends up in landfills, saving space in the process. It also saves natural resource and energy. Recycling steel saves the same amount of energy as the power used by 18 million homes during the course of a year.

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