What Are the Benefits of Standing-Seam Metal Roofs?


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Benefits of standing-seam metal roofs include better moisture resistance, longer life and lower cooling costs than other material options. Standing-seam roofs can also be painted in a wide variety of colors to provide homeowners with more options for home decoration.

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Due to their seam construction, standing-seam metal roofs resist the damaging effects of moisture better than shingles or standard metal roofs. The seams sit above the level of the rest of the roof and are crimped together, sealing them and providing protection from moisture. In addition, the seams run vertically from the top of the roof to the bottom instead of horizontally, resulting in fewer seams for moisture to leak through.

Over time, traditional asphalt shingles can wear down, sometimes all the way to the core. Constructed from metal, standing-seam roofs are more durable and could last over twice the lifetime of shingles. They require little or no maintenance, and if installed correctly, they can withstand high winds and are fire resistant.

Standing-seam metal roofs can help lower cooling costs by reflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. In some cases, cost savings can run up to 30 percent, states About.com. A homeowner can increase the reflective ability of her roof by painting it in a lighter color, or she can choose a color that complements the outside of her home.

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