What Are the Benefits of Solid Wood Doors Compared to Other Types of Doors?


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Solid wood doors have an attractive look, a warm and inviting feel and can be stained or painted to achieve high-end results. Additionally, solid wood doors offer better sound insulation than most doors.

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Another benefit to solid wooden doors is that scratches are relatively easy to repair when compared to steel or fiberglass doors. Solid wooden doors are generally durable, although they react to moisture and can warp or rot in certain environments, especially after many years of regular use. A high-quality veneer can increase the weather-resistant characteristics of a solid wooden door, but adds to its cost as well.

Solid wooden doors offer homeowners a wide variety of choices for wood types, grains and colors. Wooden doors are easy to stain or paint, allowing homeowners to install high-quality fixtures that offer an air of elegance not often found in steel or composite doors.

Solid wooden doors do require regular maintenance to maintain this high-end look, however. Refinishing is recommended at least once every year or two to keep such doors in the best shape possible. Since solid wooden doors are generally of high quality and offer a variety of customization options, they are usually more expensive than other doors.

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