What Are Some Benefits of a Rubber Swimming Pool Compared to in-Ground Pools?

The major benefits of rubber and other above-ground swimming pools in contrast with in-ground pool are that they are cheaper as well as easier and quicker to install. Where an in-ground pool may take a week or longer to construct, depending on the materials used, above-ground pools can be ready in days. Above-ground pools also typically cost half or a third as much as in-ground units.

Above-ground pools also have the advantage of being more easily removed than in-ground pools that require major demolition and ground remediation to oust. Ground fill, either as dirt or rock, is needed to smooth out the cavity left by an in-ground pool's removal.

The major disadvantages of above-ground pools is that they generally don't add to a home's value but are limited in the shapes available and they tend to be too shallow to dive in. In-ground pools, in contrast, are formed by concrete walls, fiberglass or vinyl liners to any number of shapes other than circular or elliptical. Rectangular-shaped in-ground pools are the most commonly found.

Other benefits of in-ground pools are that, as a permanent installation, they generally add value to a home. They can be made deeper to accommodate diving, and they are better at retaining heat or preventing evaporation if fitted with a cover.