What Are the Benefits of Rooftop Air Conditioners?

What Are the Benefits of Rooftop Air Conditioners?

Saving space, less dirt and debris, better security and noise reduction are some of the benefits of rooftop air conditioners. Rooftop air conditioners are for both residential and commercial uses.

An average outdoor air conditioner requires about 6 square feet of placement space. A rooftop air conditioner helps in keeping that space free.

Placing an air conditioner on the ground exposes it to dust, dirt and yard debris. However, a rooftop air conditioner is not prone to such conditions, and it stays cleaner than the one placed on the ground.

There is better security when an air conditioner is on the rooftop. Being on the rooftop shields it from vandalism.

Outdoor air conditioners may have made steps towards noise reduction. However, it is still possible to hear some noise if the air conditioner is on the ground. Placing the conditioner on the rooftop takes the noise out of the earshot, creating a quiet environment.