What Are Some Benefits of Replacing Your Windows With Vinyl Windows?


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There are numerous benefits to replacing old windows with vinyl windows, including the fact that vinyl windows are low maintenance, easy to install, strong, durable and highly energy efficient. Compared to wood framed windows, vinyl windows never need painting and are extremely weather-resistant, meaning they won't pit, peel, fade or flake-like wood.

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Vinyl windows are also more energy efficient than wood framed windows, as they generally have a slightly higher insulation factor. Vinyl windows are also able to replicate the look of wood framed windows, as there are numerous products available with realistic woodgrain laminates that come in a variety of different colors.

While aluminum windows provide a similar level of insulation as vinyl windows, they also tend to easily conduct heat and cold, which makes them much less energy efficient than vinyl windows. With vinyl windows, there is very little, if any heat transfer or heat loss.

Vinyl windows are generally one of the most popular choices for replacement windows due to the aforementioned factors. However, some manufacturers have begun manufacturing vinyl-clad wooden windows. These windows generally provide a similar insulation factor to standard vinyl windows, while eliminating the continuous maintenance that accompanies standard wooden windows. In this style of window, the exterior is covered with vinyl, while the interior retains the classic wooden look that many people prefer. This allows the interior of the window to be painted, stained or varnished.

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