What Are Some Benefits to Renting a Carpet Steam Cleaner?


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Renting a carpet steam cleaner is generally more beneficial than buying a machine if the carpets do not show dirt or there are no children or pets in the home. The rental machines are slightly more powerful than the versions available for consumer purchase. Both the rental machines and consumer-owned machines are less expensive ways to clean carpets than hiring a professional.

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While manufacturers often refer to these machines as steam carpet cleaners, they do not use steam or heat water for cleaning the rugs. The machines inject a solution of detergent and water into the carpet fibers and use a wet-dry vacuum to extract the solution and dirt it dissolves from the fabric. Users improve the cleaning ability of the machines by filling the tank with the hottest water available and working quickly to clean rugs before the water cools.

Consumers who own their own machines are likely to clean carpets more often, removing dirt before it becomes ground into the carpet fibers. They recover the cost of purchasing the machine within a few uses when comparing it to the cost of cleaning with a rental machine. The cost of the machine is often less than a single professional carpet cleaning.

Both rental and consumer-owned machines do a good job at cleaning, but they do not match the cleaning ability of a professional carpet cleaner using a truck-mounted cleaning system. The professional system heats the water and uses a more powerful vacuum for extraction, removing more dirt from the carpets and reducing drying time.

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