What Are the Benefits of Removing Wallpaper With Vinegar, and How Do You Do It?


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A major benefit of removing wallpaper with vinegar is avoiding contact with harmful chemicals. Other benefits are that it's cost effective and requires few tools. To use this method, soak the wallpaper with a vinegar solution.

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What Are the Benefits of Removing Wallpaper With Vinegar, and How Do You Do It?
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Doing any sort of cleaning with vinegar is beneficial because it enables one to avoid unnecessary exposure to hazardous cleaning chemicals. It's also safer for the environment and cheaper than the typical chemical cleaning agents. Distilled white vinegar is the best option because it is a disinfectant, deodorizer, cuts through grease, dissolves mineral build up and inhibits mold and bacteria growth.

To effectively remove old wallpaper with vinegar, first get a spray bottle and a sponge. Mix equal parts warm water with vinegar in the spray bottle. Spray the mixture directly onto the wallpaper, and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. When it sufficiently soaks, the acetic acid dissolves the wallpaper paste, allowing for easy removal. Simply scrape or sponge away the old wallpaper.

If the wallpaper is still difficult to remove after the first soaking, score the paper, and apply another layer of the vinegar mixture. It is also helpful to focus on one small area at a time, this helps to ensure that the remover doesn't dry before being scraped off.

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