What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Wolf Gas Range?


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Benefits of purchasing a Wolf gas range include the cast-iron burner grates that allow easy pot movement, a convection oven that heats up quickly and an infrared broiler that remains hot for longer. Wolf gas ranges have dual-stacked, sealed burners unique to the brand and adjustable legs, as of 2015.

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Different Wolf gas range series have unique features that may not be available in all models. The dual-stacked, sealed burners give users precise control over the gas range, with a wide range of options to fit specific cooking methods. The ability to simmer foods at a very low flame is unique to Wolf gas ranges and is often cited as one of the key benefits of buying this brand, as of 2015.

Wolf gas ranges are fitted with double-panel glass door windows, enhanced with dual halogen lights that allow users to see the food progress without the need to open the door. The gas ranges are also fitted with an infrared broiler that heats up very quickly and can be used for fast cooking, as of 2015.

Wolf gas ranges are made from stainless steel and have a long-lasting brushed finish that can match a variety of kitchen designs. Models current as of 2015 feature burners that are fitted with a sensor that gives the spark ignition system power to control the flame. The adjustable legs make it easier to move the gas range, while the red control knobs identify the brand.

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