What Are the Benefits of Pruning Your Rose Bushes?


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Pruning rose bushes results in large flowers, growth at eye level, thicker canes and less disease, according to Jonathan Landsman for About.com. These benefits prolong the life of the rose bush and enhance the beauty of the plant.

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What Are the Benefits of Pruning Your Rose Bushes?
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A hard pruning in late spring increases the number and size of the blooms for several rose varieties, claims Landsman. Deadheading during the growing season has the same effect. Some roses lose spent blooms by themselves, while others benefit from the pruning of spent blossoms.

Roses tend to bloom on new growth, explains Landsman. If the new growth is at the end of a tall cane, the blooms can be more difficult to enjoy because of their height. Pruning the canes controls the size of the bush, bringing the blooms down to a more visually appealing horizon. Pruning canes increases their diameter. The increased diameter creates sturdy canes that easily support larger blooms. This results in less breakage and a fuller rose bush.

Disease and damage from pests and other environmental stresses can accumulate within a rose bush. This affects its health and beauty. Pruning out the diseased, damaged and dead wood prevents the spread of the problem by removing plant material that is attractive to pests, states Landsman.

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