What Are the Benefits of a Propane Heater?


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Propane heaters are more economical than electric heaters and cleaner than oil burners, as of 2015. Propane is available in areas where natural gas is not. Many propane heaters continue working when the power is out so residents continue to enjoy a warm home.

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While both propane and electricity prices vary, propane is historically less expensive than electricity and remains so as of 2015. Propane furnaces produce an air temperature leaving the vents of about 115 degrees Fahrenheit while heat pumps produce air that is slightly above the human body temperature. This temperature difference makes homes heated with propane more comfortable for most consumers. Propane units are available with above 95 percent annualized fuel use efficiency, increasing their advantage over other heat sources.

Propane is a clean burning fuel. A properly operating propane heating system produces few pollutants. While propane has an odorant to alert users to a leak, the odor does not linger like heating oil.

In many rural areas, natural gas is not available. Propane allows rural residents to enjoy the benefits of gas heating without a natural gas line. They have the choice of space heaters, furnaces or realistic looking gas logs that replace the wood in their fireplace. Many of these heaters require no electricity to continue to provide warmth in the event of a power outage.

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