What Are the Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat?


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The benefits of programmable thermostats include temperature control, energy savings, increased comfort and financial savings. Programmable thermostats are useful for regulating temperatures and come in handy when users forget to turn the heat down. This device is not limited to heating, as it has the ability to control air conditioning.

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Programmable thermostats allow people to use less energy and preset temperatures. Using less heating or air conditioning while away from home conserves energy. Programming the thermostat to lower temperatures while away saves money on utility bills. A homeowner saves about 3 percent on utility bills for each degree the thermostat is programmed below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Both energy and financial saving are benefits homeowners incur without inconvenience.

Temperature control is another valuable benefit of programmable thermostats. Many users program the device to turn the heat up or down at specific times during the day. Some users set the thermostat to start warming the home before they arrive from work, while others set the device to begin warming the home right before they wake up. Programmable thermostats are easy to install and environmentally friendly, which are benefits users often value. This convenient allows the homeowner to effectively limit energy resources to stay within a utility budget.

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