What Are the Benefits of Plastic Lattice for a Deck?


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Some benefits of using plastic or vinyl lattice for a deck include ease of installation, durability and low maintenance. Lightweight as well, vinyl lattice may cost less for repairs over the life of the deck than some other types of siding.

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Although the initial cost of using vinyl lattice to build a deck may be higher than using wood, in the long term vinyl may make more economic sense when maintenance costs are factored in. For instance, while wood lattice may have to be custom stained and oiled to achieve the desired appearance, vinyl siding can be manufactured in specific colors and textures that lasts for years. Further, most vinyl lattice is easily cleaned and repainted, while wood may have to be re-sanded before changing its finish.

Another benefit of vinyl siding is that it’s easier than wood to install. In addition to being lighter weight, its flexibility allows for a more custom fit without re-cutting. Often, vinyl lattice is installed with a heavy-duty stapler rather than a nail or screw gun.

In terms of maintenance, vinyl lattice is easier to repair because it’s manufactured all in one piece. If a portion has a crack, it can be cut away and replaced without having to re-build the whole lattice. However, lattice is often constructed of individual slats, and repairing even a small, custom-built section can cost more in time and money that it does to buy a whole new lattice.

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