What Are the Benefits of Planting Dunstan Chestnut Trees?


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Dunstan chestnuts are a beneficial food source for wildlife, and planting these tree is a great way to rebuild native forests that were removed through logging. The Dunstan chestnut tree is a high producer of nuts, putting out 10 to 20 pounds of them annually by the time the tree reaches maturity at 10 years old. Once producing, these trees continually provide nuts for up to 100 years.

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The Dunstan chestnut is a versatile tree that can be planted in many different locations due to its adaptability to different slopes, soil types and growing locations. For hunters, a Dunstan chestnut tree is a great food plot tree that consistently brings deer to feed each year. For this reason alone, the tree's popularity has skyrocketed since its original grafting from the scion of an American chestnut tree in the 1950s. Outside of hunting, it is a choice tree for attracting various other wildlife to a location and allowing it to flourish with plenty of food.

Unlike the American chestnut tree that was nearly wiped out of existence by blight in the early 1900s, the Dunstan chestnut is blight resistant, making it extremely hardy. Because of these many factors, the Dunstan chestnut is a prime choice for commercial orchard production around the country.

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