What Are Some of the Benefits of Pine Log Siding?


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Benefits of pine log siding include that pine log holds a finish well and is easily painted or stained. Pine log siding is also available in several different forms, making it convenient to use in a variety of locations and scenarios.

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Pine log siding is desirable for its log cabin appeal. It is easy to install and fits over plumbing and wiring better than most other siding materials. The ease of the set-up process reduces costs and makes pine log siding more affordable when compared to other materials.

Pine log siding comes in several forms including clapboards, board and batten style, tongue and groove paneling and half-logs. This versatility means that it is possible to use several different forms in the same house to achieve a varied look. Pine log siding can also be placed vertically or horizontally so it is easy to affix to any house no matter its architecture.

Pine log siding holds paint well, which means it can be painted to match the colors of a pre-existing house. This type of siding allows certain parts of a house, such as the windows and doors, to display different finishes. Using pine log siding also reduces the heating and cooling costs of a house because the siding insulates the walls.

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