What Are the Benefits of a Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder?


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A pedestal toilet paper holder provides flexibility in its arrangement and is a solution to bathrooms unsuitable for wall mounted holders. Pedestal holders keep the walls and vanities from permanent damage. Aesthetically pleasing pedestal holders enhance the bathroom decor.

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Pedestal toilet paper holders are ideal for bathrooms that do not meet the NKBA recommendations for appropriate wall holder placement. According to SFGate, NKBA directs that the toilet paper holder be placed 8 inches to 12 inches in front of the toilet rim. NKBA also states the wall mount holder should be 26 inches from the floor.

Pedestal toilet paper holders benefit those needing more flexibility in the bathroom. Small children or those physically impaired may be more comfortable with this setup. Pedestal holders allow the toilet paper to move according to each person's needs.

Wall mount holders damage walls and vanities, and removal can be unpleasant. Pedestal holders alleviate this issue. Wall mount holders are often plain and do not enhance the bathroom. A pedestal holder brings more options that add to the decor a room.

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