What Are the Benefits of Owning a GE Whole House Generator?

What Are the Benefits of Owning a GE Whole House Generator?

The primary benefit of owning a GE whole house generator is that in the event of a power outage, it gives homeowners the ability to power every device in their homes. While the 8KW to 12KW generators keep all the essential devices powered on, the 20KW to 60KW range are designed to meet the demands of larger, high-tech homes and have the ability to maintain the most power-hungry appliances.

A key benefit of the generator is that the transfer switch continuously monitors the home's connection to utility power.The standby generator starts automatically when there is a power outage and shuts down automatically when utility power is restored.

Additionally, the 1800 RPM engine in these GE generators is known to provide fuel-efficient industrial-grade power, compared to traditional 3600 RPM engines. The low 1800 RPM engine and alternator operating speeds enable prolonged product life.

These generators are known for their durability and weather-resistant shell. The Galvanneal steel enclosure provides rust resistance and outdoor protection to the generator for several years. There is a remote monitoring system that allows the homeowner to check the standby generator status without having to leave the house.

Finally, the GE generators have a five-year limited parts and labor warranty, which is considered one of the best warranties in the industry, according to GE.