What Are the Benefits of Owing a Tankless Water Heater?


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The primary benefits of owning a tankless water heater are only heating water when it is needed and thus saving money. Tankless water heaters also reduce emissions from fossil fuels and provide continuous hot water, according to Energystar.gov.

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Tankless water heaters use high-power gas burner to heat the water just before it is used. Tankless water heaters are rated on the number of gallons of water they heat per minute, states Energystar.gov. When installing the tankless unit, users must make sure it can provide enough hot water for the current needs of the family to achieve the maximum benefits. Some units feature a recirculating pump that can eliminate cold spurts during periods of high demand, states ConsumerResports.Org.

Units have come down in size and price, making tankless heaters worth the investment. With an average lifetime of 20 years, the units pays for itself in reduced energy bills. Improved designs like outlets on the top or bottom have made the already small units easier to install in custom locations.

If the unit has the correct GPM rating, it can provide continuous hot water to the entire house. To fill a bathtub and do laundry, it can take up to 4 GPM. A conventional water heater has more capacity to deal with all the appliances being on in the home at once.

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