What Are the Benefits of a Natural Latex Mattress?


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According to Dreameasy, natural latex mattresses are better than other mattress foams because they align the body perfectly for sleep and minimize sweating during sleep. Latex mattresses are also more resilient and durable than other foam mattresses.

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Natural latex is derived from the rubber tree, which yields a milky white fluid that becomes rubber following a few additions. The mattress has a unique open-cell molecular structure containing natural bonds that permit stretching to up to 200 percent without any change to the original properties, according to Dreameasy. The structure of latex mattresses also reduces the amount of body heat absorbed by allowing for free air circulation. The thickness and firmness of the mattress can also be customized depending on the specifications requested by an individual.

Natural latex mattresses are also beneficial to the environment because the materials used in the mattress are biodegradable. The production process also doesn't produce any harmful byproducts, which makes it more sustainable than synthetic latex mattresses that require petroleum for production. Some manufacturers also produce mattresses that contain both natural and synthetic latex to reduce the manufacturing costs associated with producing 100 percent natural latex. As of June 2014, 100 percent natural latex mattress cost around $2,000 depending upon the size, according to Plushbeds.

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