What Are the Benefits of a Natural Gas Water Heater?


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Natural gas water heaters provide more hot water and cost less to operate than electric models. They have a faster recovery time, so the family rarely runs out of hot water. These units require no electricity to operate and continue to provide hot water when the power is out.

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Electrical resistance heating is by nature expensive, whether using the resistance to heat to warm a home or water. Natural gas offers one of the least expensive types of heat. The difference in operational costs is large enough that it is less expensive to operate a larger natural gas water heater than a smaller electric one.

Manufacturers rate the size of a tank-style water heater on the number of gallons it holds. A typical 40-gallon electric water heater takes about 2 hours to recover once all the hot water is used. A gas water heater reduces the recovery time by 50 percent. Most families find the unit offers plenty of hot water, so everyone gets a warm shower.

For residents in areas where extended power outages are common, natural gas offers hot water even when the power is out. Most tank-style water heaters require no electricity to operate. Natural gas supplies come through a pipeline and maintain pressure even when the power lines are down.

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