What Are the Benefits of a Mini Propane Fridge?

What Are the Benefits of a Mini Propane Fridge?

A mini propane fridge can fit in small spaces, is quieter than electric models and can operate almost anywhere. This type of fridge is often used in cabins and RVs. Since propane is a clean-burning fuel, mini propane refrigerators are also ecofriendly.

Propane refrigerators are also called absorption refrigerators. They use a propane burner instead of an electrically powered pump. Ammonia is used as the cooling agent, rather than Freon or similar liquid gas. The ammonia, water and hydrogen work together to create a continuous cooling cycle.

The five main parts of a propane fridge are the generator, separator, condenser, evaporator and absorber. The propane burner sits under the generator and heats the ammonia and water. Once it boils, the solution travels to the separator, where it is once more separated into ammonia and water. The ammonia now goes into the condenser, while the water goes to the absorber.

The condenser turns the liquid ammonia back into a gas and sends it to the evaporator, where it is mixed with compressed hydrogen. The combined gases create a freezing vapor inside the fridge, which does the cooling.

The propane fridge uses no compressor and has no batteries that need charged. Without the compressor kicking on and off, this fridge is also quieter. Hybrid models are available, which can switch from propane to 110-volt or 120-volt power as needed.