What Are the Benefits of Microwave Ovens?

What Are the Benefits of Microwave Ovens?

Microwave ovens are convenient and cook food quickly; however, their benefits do not end there. The quick cooking helps to preserve nutrients in the foods that they cook, according to Harvard Medical School. When cooking fresh or frozen vegetables, microwaves also preserve flavor.

The convenience of microwave cooking is undisputed. Frozen meals that take up to an hour in a conventional oven for thawing and cooking are ready in minutes in a microwave. However, rumors persist that zapping food is unhealthy.

To dispute the rumor, Harvard Medical School uses the example of vitamin C. This water-soluble vitamin breaks down in the heat that forms when vegetables cook in water. However, microwave cooking allows the food to retain more of this important nutrient. Reducing the cooking time exposes the vitamin to less heat, allowing the person to increase its intake within a meal.

The benefits do not stop with vegetables, according to CNN. Cooking bacon on the stovetop causes it to form nitrosamines, which are harmful to humans. Cooking bacon in the microwave does not expose it to the intense heat of the griddle and reduces the number of these cancer-causing chemicals that form.

Microwave cooking is not foolproof. When a microwave-cooking person fills the container of vegetables with water, he is boiling the vegetables using microwave heat. The vegetables experience the same nutritional loss as on the stovetop.