What Are the Benefits of a Metal Roof Versus a Shingle Roof?


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A few benefits of having a metal roof include lightness of material, longevity, long warranties, weather durability and environmental friendliness. Some benefits of having an asphalt shingle roof include a low cost of installation, familiarity, ease of handling and repair, a variety of style options and decent durability.

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As of 2015, shingle roofs are still the dominant residential roof in the United States, and the fact that they have covered houses for decades may add to their continued popularity. On the other hand, metal roofs appeal to environmentally-conscious individuals both because they reflect heat in the summer, enabling residents to cut their air conditioning bills, and because metal often both contains recycled content and can be recycled once it has served its purpose. Some contractors point to a metal roof's wind- and fire-resistant properties, as well as its ability to halt leaks, as additional benefits.

Both shingle and metal roofs also come with setbacks. Asphalt shingle roofs are more at risk of damage from severe weather, are sometimes heavy and are more difficult to recycle, resulting in more waste. Metal roofs are very expensive, expand and contract a lot and have a singular look that may not appeal to some neighborhood residents.

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