What Are the Benefits to a Maytag Gas Range As Opposed to an Electric Model?


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In many cases, Maytag's gas ranges offer lower operating costs than their electric ranges. Maytag offers similar features on both their electric and gas models.

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Gas ranges are often a bit cheaper to operate if a gas line is available. Since they convert fuel directly into heat, no energy is lost first converting heat to electricity, as is the case with power plants. Electrical lines also lose energy along the way, which drives up the cost of using electricity. Gas stoves are able to heat cooking vessels that don't have a flat bottom; electrical stoves can't since they require direct contact. Some chefs also prefer the quick response time provided by gas ranges, especially when cooking for a large number of people.

However, Maytag's electric ranges offer a couple of clear advantages. They typically cost a bit less upfront, although prices vary depending on which features are included. As with all electric ranges, they provide direct contact between the heat and the cooking vessel, which reduces waste heat and boils water faster, and they don't require gas connections, which are not available in all areas. Electric ovens require less space for the heating components, allowing those with limited space to have more room in their ovens.

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