What Are the Benefits of MacClean Water Softeners?


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The MacClean CS series water softeners remove magnesium and calcium, decrease iron, manganese and other staining metals, and feature adjustable timers that let people choose specific functions based on particular water conditions. The N series has control valves capable of efficiently managing salt resin, eliminating the need for replacement pellets. Another type of MacClean water softener is the Intellis electronic series, which features combined benefits of the CS and N series and reduces sodium in the water.

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Intellis electronic water softeners also use less energy compared to other types. The MCWS series consists of a multi-level support shelf, safety valves and operation monitors, and it also features a unique bypass valve with four positions. Using the diagnostic position enables technicians to perform maintenance on the water softener while the unit continues to provide untreated water.

In addition to adjustable cycles, safety valves and salt-support assembly, the LCS series is capable of storing higher salt levels compared to other residential units. Moreover, LCS water softeners have guest switches that enable the units to deliver more amounts of softened water than usual to serve home guests.

Created by the CUNO Water Treatment Corporation, MacClean water softeners are available for residential, business and commercial use. MacClean water softeners specially designed for commercial use feature sturdy fiberglass material and operate with recharging capability during low-demand periods.

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