What Are Some Benefits of a Lockable Steel Box?

Some benefits of lockable steel boxes include security, portability, ease of concealment, and damage resistance for the boxes' contents from fire, water and physical impact. Depending on the size, construction, quality of the lock and other factors, some steel lock boxes offer enhancements to these benefits.

Security provided by steel lock boxes comes from the type and sturdiness of the lock. Most boxes come with internal locking mechanisms, which are difficult to break. Many boxes use a key to open, although some are protected by inset combination locks, either mechanical or electronic, which cannot be picked.

Damage resistance results from the box's construction. Elements that enhance this feature are powder coating, the addition of seals around the closure and hinge points, door braces, and the thickness of the box's walls. These features also add security to the box.

The portability of the box depends on its size. Smaller boxes are easy to transport and hide. However, small boxes have the unfortunate security disadvantage of being easily transportable, making them a target for thieves. Larger sized boxes are less portable, but also less likely to be stolen. Though they are not intended for everyday transport, it is still possible to move large boxes when needed.