What Are the Benefits of Latex Pillows?

The main benefits of latex pillows are their soft and supportive design that molds around the head and neck. Latex pillows can help those who find other pillow types uncomfortable as long as the right height is chosen.

Latex is breathable and does not absorb body moisture meaning that it stays dry and clean over the years of use, unlike other types of pillows which can be difficult to wash. Latex pillows also retain their shape very well without having to plump or reposition them every night.

Some of the disadvantages to latex pillows are that they can be expensive. Although due to the material's durable properties, the cost is often a one off because latex pillows last a long time. Initially some people find the smell of latex so close to their face off putting until it wears off. People with latex allergies need to stay away from latex pillows to avoid reactions which can range from mild skin irritability to anaphylaxis.

There are many stores that allow potential buyers to visit and test various types of pillows and bedding to choose the correct type. Although there are many advantages to latex pillows, they do not necessarily suit everyone.