What Are the Benefits of Knowing the Wattage of Your GE Profile Microwave?


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The benefit of knowing the wattage of a GE Profile microwave is that it helps cooks prepare food safely by cooking it to the proper temperature. The higher wattage of a microwave, the faster it cooks. This can be important when following recipes from a variety of sources.

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Just like with a conventional oven, it is important for food cooked in the microwave to be cooked thoroughly. If the microwave is a higher wattage, it is recommended to use the minimum cooking time. For lower-wattage ovens, cooks are recommended to use the maximum cooking time. Many recipes call for "standing time" after the microwave has finished cooking. The food continues to heat during the standing time, which can also be important to making sure food is cooked completely.

A microwave's wattage may appear on the inside door of the appliance, on the back of the microwave or in the owner's manual. If owners cannot find this information, they can perform a test to determine the wattage. The test involves boiling a cup of water in a 2-cup measuring cup.

If the water boils in two minutes or less, the microwave is 1,000 watts or higher. If it takes two and a half minutes, the microwave is about 800 watts. Three minutes is between 650 and 700 watts, and between three and five minutes is a 300- to 500-watt microwave.

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