What Are the Benefits of Installing a Front Door Sweep?


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The benefits of installing a front door sweep are maintaining the internal temperature of the dwelling and lowering energy costs attributed to heating. The door sweep is designed to seal off the space between the bottom of the door and the door jam with either a vinyl or rubber seal.

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Secondary benefits of installing a front door sweep include preventing sound, light, insects and moisture from entering the house. Door sweeps can deteriorate over time, especially if they are installed on a door that experiences a high amount of foot traffic, such as a front door.

Sweeps are generally easy to install, as they consist of nothing more than a metal bar which holds a flexible door flap, or sweep, in place against the door. Simple model door sweeps are also inexpensive, generally costing under $20, as of 2015, and pay back their costs with the energy savings from eliminating drafts and exposure to the outside.

Automatic door sweeps are more expensive but are the preferred option for doors that open inward onto carpeted floors or rugs. A simply aluminum model door sweep rubs against the floor every time it is opened, which wears away the sweep and can damage the carpet. However, automatic door sweeps are designed to lift the sweep as the door is opened and lower it when the door is closed, which prevents the sweep from contacting the carpet.

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