What Benefits Do InSoFast Panels Provide?

What Benefits Do InSoFast Panels Provide?

InSoFast panels increase the insulation efficiency of basements and rooms with thin insulation, while installing more quickly and easily than traditional insulation, states the company. Like other types of rigid panel insulation, InSoFast panels do not rot or warp in the presence of water.

InSoFast panels are made of expanded polystyrene, a non-toxic, inert material also used in traditional rigid insulation panels. This material has a higher insulation efficiency compared to fiberglass or cellulose insulation.

Unlike traditional rigid insulation panels, which fit between studs or joists, InSoFast panels only install on top of existing walls. The most common locations for installing InSoFast panels are basements, as these rooms typically have cement or cinder block construction, making traditional insulation impossible. InSoFast panels also add insulation efficiency to rooms with traditional wooden framing but thin or inefficient insulation.

InSoFast panels use a tongue-and-groove system on every panel, ensuring a snug fit. This system ensures that properly installed panels form a single, continuous layer over the existing wall.

InSoFast panels feature electrical raceways in all panels. Raceways are channels machined into the panels that allow electrical cables to travel to other locations in the home. Electrical raceways eliminate the need to drill to make way for electrical cables, while also preserving the integrity of the panels.