What Are the Benefits of Humidifiers?


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Humidifiers can alleviate dry skin and lubricate the sinuses, which may help prevent nosebleeds and speed recovery after illness. Humidifiers can also relieve snoring caused by dry sinuses.

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What Are the Benefits of Humidifiers?
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Cold air humidifiers are particularly helpful during the winter months when heated indoor air is warm and dry. Additional moisture in the air can help the sinuses drain properly, reducing the risk of nosebleeds and helping eliminate the symptoms of sinusitis. Opting for a humidifier that also purifies the air can reduce the symptoms of allergies by removing allergens from the air.

Using a humidifier with distilled water and cleaning the interior of the machine often is recommended for the greatest benefits. To use a humidifier to lessen snoring, set the machine up in the bedroom and maintain a humidity level below 50 percent to ensure the room isn't too damp. Dry, chapped or cracked skin and dry eyes can be relieved by using a humidifier in the home.

A humidifier can also help reduce the risk of becoming ill by improving the body's ability to use oxygen and lubricating the throat. Warm, dry air causes the throat to lose its ability to self-clean, resulting in a greater risk of upper respiratory illnesses. Additionally, a humidifier can maintain the luster of wooden furnishings and help musical instruments stay tuned by providing the wood components of the items with the necessary moisture.

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