What Are the Benefits of a Honeywell Total Connect 2.0?


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Honeywell Total Connect is a system that allows homeowners to remotely manage selected Honeywell thermostats without needing to be present in the home. As of 2015, various Honeywell thermostats may be used with Total Connect including the Lyric thermostat and a number of Wi-Fi thermostats.

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With the Honeywell Total Connect system, homeowners do not need to physically adjust thermostat settings by pressing buttons on the thermostat itself. This remains an option, but users also gain the ability to manage thermostat settings using a Web-based interface. Depending on the equipment installed in the home, options for adjusting the heating system, cooling system, dehumidifier and fan may be available.

Total Connect offers homeowners a number of resources to minimize wasteful use of energy. Homeowners may view and edit a thermostat's schedules, allowing for appropriate temperature adjustments when the home is unoccupied. The Web interface also displays a five-day weather forecast along with the thermostat schedule and settings. This feature gives individuals insight into when to manually turn climate control equipment on or off based on outside conditions.

For added flexibility, Honeywell Total Connect offers remote access via an app, which is available for iPhones and Android-based mobile devices. As of 2015, these applications are free to download and do not require payment of any monthly subscription fee. However, they only work with compatible Honeywell equipment.

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