What Are the Benefits of Higher Toilets for Disabled People?

Installing a higher toilet in the bathroom makes it easier for someone with mobility issues to transfer to or from the toilet. With the addition of grab bars in the bathroom, home occupants regain their privacy, as they take care of their own toileting needs without the assistance of another person. The combination of these two additions improves safety and decreases the chances of a fall or injury.

Installing a higher toilet in a home sometimes allows the occupant to remain living there. If an older patient is unable to use the toilet, he cannot live alone. With a few simple bathroom modifications, he has the safety and independence he desires. Toilets with assisted flushing allow users to activate the units with less pressure than standard devices require.

The comfort toilet is 2 inches taller than a standard commode. For an individual with arthritis or recovering from surgery, such as a hip replacement, the additional height decreases the pressure on the joints. For most users, the height eliminates the need for bending the hips to an angle smaller than 90 degrees. After the hip replacement procedure, this helps ensure the prosthetic heals properly.

The higher toilet makes the bathroom more comfortable for taller users. With these units, taller individuals sit on the toilet in more natural positions.