What Are the Benefits of a High-Efficiency Washer?


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High-efficiency washers reduce water and energy consumption, have more capacity, and reduce wear and tear on clothes. High-efficiency washers also clean just as well as or better than traditional washers.

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Reduced energy and water usage are two of the major benefits of high-efficiency washers. High-efficiency washers normally use at least 50 percent less water than traditional models. In addition, washers labeled as ENERGY STAR models must use 30 percent less energy than traditional models.

Another advantage high-efficiency washers have over traditional models is the lack of an agitator. This results in an increased capacity. Being able to wash more clothing per load means additional savings of both energy and water. In addition, many high-efficiency washers are front loaders that can reduce the amount of bending over required and potentially save floor space because a dryer can be stacked on top.

High-efficiency washers are also easier on clothes than traditional models. In traditional washers, the agitator is used to beat the dirt and filth out of clothes. High-efficiency washers, on the other hand, toss and tumble clothes until they are clean. This results in gentler spin cycles and less wear and tear on fabric. Despite this, clothes are cleaned just as well, if not better, in high-efficiency washers than traditional washers.

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