What Are the Benefits of Having an Electric Water Heater?


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The benefits of having an electric water heater include its safety, simple installation, efficient operation, long lifespan and low maintenance. An electric water heater additionally costs less to purchase than a gas water heater.

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An electric water heater is unlikely to cause safety concerns because it does not emit combustible vapors or use a pilot light. This makes electric water heaters safer than gas water heaters. The combustible vapors from a gas heater can also cause health concerns if they are released in an occupied space.

An electric water heater is readily incorporated into a building and has simpler installation than a gas water heater. This makes installation costs lower for electric water heaters. Electric heater space requirements are also much more minimal than those of a gas water heater. Various codes and requirements may be applied on gas water heater installation that are not applied for electric water heater installation.

Electric water heaters operate more efficiently than gas water heaters. Gas water heaters generally lose about 3.5 percent their stored heat per hour, while electric water heaters usually only lose about 1 percent per hour.

Electric water heaters generally last longer and require less maintenance than gas water heaters.

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