What Are the Benefits of Having Your Cooling System Flushed?


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The advantages of flushing the cooling system are that it removes rust and contaminants, lubricates the water pump, decreases the risk of burst head gaskets in the engine block and increases the efficiency of the cooling system. Also, flushing prevents rust build-up, freeze-ups in winter and cooling system boil-overs.

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Flushing the cooling system removes the old antifreeze from the vehicle. In the process, it also helps remove deposits of rust and other contaminants that cause the system to overheat and sustain damage. The flushing process also removes rust and contaminants from the metal parts of the vehicle's engine, water lines and the heater core, which helps protect these parts of the vehicle. Additionally, the new antifreeze added during flushing prevents rust from building up.

Also, the new antifreeze has some additives that lubricate the water pump and crucial seals in the system, which lengthens their lifespan. Furthermore, flushing makes it easy to detect and repair any leaks in the cooling system, which helps to increase the efficiency and lifespan of the system. In turn, this increases the power of the engine and the performance of the vehicle.

Timely flushing of the cooling system also helps the owner avoid expensive repairs to the vehicle. It also helps maintain the vehicle so that negligence does not void its warranty.

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