What Are the Benefits of a Hard-Top Sun Shelter?


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A hard-top Sun Shelter has three major benefits: it is durable, permanent and offers protection from harmful UV rays and wind. These benefits come with additional costs, including installation costs and a higher price.

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The roof of a hard-top Sun Shelter is made from sturdy materials such as aluminum, steel or concrete. The weight of these materials requires equally strong posts for support, and the resulting structure is durable and reliable. Aluminum and concrete are rustproof, thus eliminating the need for extra maintenance against rust and corrosion. While steel is susceptible to rust, proper maintenance keeps it rust-free for a long time. Some manufacturers use galvanized steel, which is rustproof.

A hard-top Sun Shelter offers year-round, all-weather protection from exposure to harmful UV rays, wind, rain and snow. The different seasons are associated with unique characteristics that have major implications for Sun Shelters. For example, summer is hot and poses significant health risks such as a prolonged exposure to UV rays. Hard-top Sun Shelters are specially designed to block harmful rays.

The strong material that makes a hard-top Sun Shelter also withstands strong winds and the weight of snow as seasons change during the year. Once installed, a hard-top Sun Shelter is a permanent structure that does not require setup before every use. However, a hard-top Sun Shelter costs more than soft-top alternatives and takes a lot more resources to install.

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