What Are the Benefits of a Gas Dryer Versus an Electric Dryer?


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Gas dryers operate more efficiently, but electric dryers are a bit easier to install and move. Since gas dryers require a dedicated gas line, they can't be used in areas where gas in not available.

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Dryers consume a significant amount of energy, so small savings can have a large impact. As of 2015, electric dryers are slightly less expensive, but the energy savings are enough to make up for this difference in a short period of time.

The requirement of a dedicated gas line can make installing a gas dryer more expensive than installing an electric dryer. While laundry rooms in cold regions may have a gas line available, people in places where homes were built before natural gas was available may have to have a new line installed. In addition, old lines that have not been used may need work to ensure safe operation. However, electric dryers typically require access to 240-volt outlet, which, while more common than gas lines, may not be available.

Those concerned about environmental issues should be aware that gas dryers release less carbon than power plants that run on fossil fuels; these power plants must first convert the fuel they use to electricity, which limits their efficiency.

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