What Are the Benefits of a Front-Loading Washer and Dryer?


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A front-loading washer and dryer is more energy efficient, has an expanded capacity, cleans and dries better and has a gentler cleaning action than top-loading washers. The most beneficial feature of a front-loading washer is its ability to save gallons of water in comparison to top-loading washers and dryers.

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Front-loading washers and dryers require less water, only requiring 20 to 25 gallons of water in comparison to the 40 gallons of water required to fill a regular washing machine. Most newer models also have a built-in flow through water heater, which boosts the water temperature gradually without using more energy. If using an electric hot water heater, a front-loading washer and dryer can actually cut off energy cost by 50 percent, according to a test done by Reviewed.com.

Though not backed by an official research, it is generally accepted that front-loading washers are more efficient in removing stains and extending the life of linens and clothes. A front-loading machine does not have agitators that may tear and pull at clothes; it only uses gravity to toss the clothes around, resulting in a gentler clean. The absence of agitators allow front-loading washers to accommodate more clothes, providing more space when washing bulky items, such as bed covers, throw rugs and sleeping bags. Most American-made front-loading washers and dryers have high extraction speeds and are able to spin at over 1,000 rpm. European models are typically able to achieve higher speeds. The clothes in a front-loading machines come out cleaner and dryer, reducing drying time and saving energy if doing multiple loads of laundry.

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