What Are the Benefits of a Front-Load Washing Machine?


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The benefits of front-loading washing machine include energy efficiency, conservation of space, gentleness and long-term savings, according to About.com. Most front-loaders have the U.S. Department of Energy's "Energy Star" seal. At a minimum, this indicates they meet efficiency levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

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What Are the Benefits of a Front-Load Washing Machine?
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The design of front-loading washers makes them energy efficient, notes About.com. They use only about one-third the water of top-loaders because clothes do not have to be completely covered. Instead, the horizontal orientation rotates items in and out of the water. During the rinse cycle, the drum does not need to be refilled: front-loaders simply spray clean water onto the spinning clothes.

Due to the rotating motion, front-loaders do not need agitators, About.com states. Therefore, more clothes fit into each load, and fewer loads lead to energy savings. Also, after the rinse cycle, front loaders spin faster, so more water is removed from clothes. This saves time and energy when drying.

Because the top of a front-loader does not need to be accessed, stacking it with a dryer is possible, asserts About.com. The two appliances therefore take up less space. With no agitators, the machines are easier on laundry items, which helps clothing last longer. In addition, although front-load washers cost several hundred dollars more than top-loaders, over time, energy savings counter the initial additional outlay.

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