What Are the Benefits of Front-Load Washers?


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The benefits of front-load washers include reduced water use, increased clothing life and energy efficiency. The top side of such washers can be used as storage space for clothing and washing detergents. Front-load washers occupy less space and can allow one to stack a dryer on top.

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One of the greatest benefits of front-loading washers is their water-saving capabilities. Unlike top-loading washers that use up to 33 gallons of water per wash, front-load washers use a maximum of 18 gallons. The water-saving features on front-load washers help to reduce water bills considerably.

Front-loading washers are more energy efficient as compared to other designs in the market. For those who use hot water, the reduced water consumption translates to less energy used for heating the water. Front-loading washers spin faster and more efficiently as compared to top-loading washers. At 1,000 revolutions per minute, as opposed to the top-loading washer's 650, the front-load washer keeps clothes drier. This translates to less energy use for drying purposes.

The horizontal placement of a front-loading washer's drums uses gravity to keep the clothes turning. This has little effect on the overall quality of clothing unlike top-loading washers, which use agitators that can reduce clothing life. Front-load washers use less floor space and allow for stacking of a dryer on top.

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