What Are the Benefits of Freestanding Gas Stoves?


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A freestanding gas stove offers flexibility and simplicity, and it can be placed almost anywhere with the proper ceiling clearance. Freestanding ranges are very common, combining the burner and oven into one unit. They are affordable and easy to install.

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Freestanding gas stoves are made of cast iron, steel and stone. A gas stove can also offer the owner more control of the flame, usually through a remote, wall switch or timer, or a thermostat along with variable flame control. Gas stoves have more variation in design and decorative options. They also produce more heat, functioning as a primary or secondary heat source for small rooms at lower cost.

Gas systems use either natural gas or liquid propane, though some companies offer gas logs that mimic the appearance of wood. Gas burns cleanly, providing heat and flame without leaving behind ashes, so cleanup is reduced or eliminated entirely. Compared to a wood stove, a gas stove requires much less work to fuel.

A gas stove should be marked with a British thermal unit rating, which is a measurement of heat. Thirty-five thousand BTU can usually heat a 1,000-square-foot room, but the height of the ceiling, the number and placement of windows, doors, and other factors may affect how much heat the room requires.

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