What Are the Benefits of a Fiberglass Storm Shelter?


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Fiberglass storm shelters are affordable, waterproof, durable, rust-resistant and easy to install. They are easy to obtain and construct. They contain complete weather sealing and carpeted stairs to prevent falls and injury when entering the shelter. Fiberglass storm shelters also have specialized gel coatings that prevent moisture damage and deterioration. Fiberglass shelters are versatile, which means they can be installed underground, above ground or inside the home. The shelters have large floor space They are also lightweight, watertight and portable.

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Fiberglass shelters are customizable, which allows buyers to obtain a shelter that meets their size and design requirements. Buyers can install bathrooms, kitchens and counters, or even build multiple rooms.

The simple installation, affordable materials and durable construction of fiberglass shelters benefit buyers and sellers, which is why many storm shelter and safe room dealers in the tornado belt sell fiberglass storm shelters.

However, fiberglass storm shelters aren't ideal for all properties and climates. While fiberglass storm shelters are resistant to rust and mold, fiberglass is susceptible to corrosion from common solvents and household chemicals. Chemical corrosion causes fiberglass rot. Additionally, corrosion may compromise the waterproof gel coating. This may lead to mold growth and mildew, which damages the structure over time.

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