What Are the Benefits of Fiber Cement Lap Siding?

The benefits of fiber cement siding include durability, sustainability, fire and insect resistance, and serving as a long-lasting investment, notes EcoVision Sustainable Learning Center. Other benefits of fiber cement siding are that it performs better than its alternatives, provides the appearance of wood or masonry, lasts and wears like cement, and survives exposure to harsh weather.

Fiber cement siding is composed of wood pulp and portland cement and provides a nice, finished look, durability, and maintenance at a good price, notes This Old House. Moreover, it increases safety because it does not burn and has both a flame-spread index and a smoke-development number of zero, says EcoVision. It is long lasting because it is impermeable to insects and termite-proof, and does not crack, rot, warp or fade even in harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and humidity.

Additionally, most manufacturers of fiber cement siding use recycled or sustainable components that are eco-friendly. The siding is also asbestos-free and non-toxic, notes EcoVision. The unmatched durability of fiber cement siding makes it a great investment because it cuts down on replacement costs, increases the resale value of homes and acts as another layer of insulation that saves money on both heating and cooling costs.