What Are Some Benefits of Faux-Marble Shower Walls?


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Faux marble is an attractive but cost-effective material for shower walls that are seamless and durable. Since the walls have no grout, they are more resistant to mold and mildew than tile. Faux-marble walls are low-maintenance and never require sealing like natural stone.

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Cultured marble is a man-made material that consists of marble dust, filler and polyester resin. The material is poured into molds at the factory to form the desired shape and finished with a gel coating. These sheets are large enough to form an entire shower wall without using seams. Cultured marble is also available for tubs and countertops with built-in sinks to create a coordinated bathroom.

Because custom marble is poured into molds, the manufacturer can easily customize it to meet the buyer's needs. Molds adjust to provide built-in soap dishes and other features. Once on site, the installer uses hole saws for cutting openings for plumbing fixtures.

Soap scum can build up on faux marble without proper maintenance. Prevent such buildup by spraying the wet shower wall with a soap scum removal product, wiping it with a wet sponge, and wiping with a soft dry cloth for removal. Repeat the process daily for best results. If mold does start growing, use a mold-removal product to protect the investment.

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