What Are Some Benefits of Exterior Window Coverings?


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Benefits of exterior window coverings include reducing temperatures and providing maximum privacy. Exterior shutters offer the additional advantage of storm protection and security. Exterior solar shades reduce solar glare and are made from ultraviolet-resistant fabrics to block the sun's harmful rays.

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Exterior window coverings are an excellent window insulation system that help with temperature control, as they reflect and re-emit up to 95 percent of the sun's radiation before it reaches the window, states abc Sun Control. This significantly reduces solar heat gain inside the house. As a result, energy bills are lowered as it takes less electricity to cool the room.

Exterior shades provide a high degree of privacy. Partially transparent exterior window shades allow a great view of the outdoors while preventing outsiders from seeing the inside of the house. Exterior shades allow natural light into the house while reducing solar glare and blocking harmful ultraviolet rays.

Exterior roller shutters provide full security against storms and break-ins. They are ideal for hurricane-prone areas, as they are designed to withstand winds of up to 150 mph. Exterior roller shutters also provide privacy, solar protection and thermal comfort. The shutters can be opened manually or automatically via a hand-held remote control.

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