What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Grout?

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Grout?

Two of the main benefits of epoxy grout are its extreme durability and stain resistance. As compared to cement grout, when epoxy grout is completely set, it is often harder than the tile to which it adheres.

Because of these attributes, especially in the face of most chemicals, epoxy grout is an ideal choice for kitchens, floors and high traffic areas. Some epoxy grouts are available with a non-stick additive such as Teflon, making the grout almost completely stainproof and very easy to clean.

Each grout manufacturer offers a variety of colors to choose from to coordinate with the selected tile. Expoy grout color is also generally more consistent throughout the application than cement grout. The overall end result with most epoxy grouts is a grout which is smooth to the touch and a somewhat plastic look, as opposed to cement-based grouts, which tend to have a more textured appearance and feel with wider color variation.

To improve the stain and water resistance of porous cement grouts, manufacturers recommend sealing the grout. Epoxy grout is naturally non-porous and therefore does not require a sealant.

Although epoxy grout is often three to five times more expensive than cement grout, the low maintenance and durability make up for the cost over time.