What Are the Benefits of the Electrolux Air Conditioner?

What Are the Benefits of the Electrolux Air Conditioner?

Some of the benefits of Electrolux air conditioners include having a remote controller with a temperature sensor, releasing vitamin C particles when running, having air filtration features and having a sleep mode users can use to save money on energy, notes the Electrolux website. The company also is known for having a smart air conditioner model that lets users benefit from controlling the machine through mobile apps.

The remote controller with temperature sensor benefits users since the air conditioner will adjust the temperature settings depending on where the user has the remote. This feature is known as "I FEEL" and is known for allowing more reliable temperature control, states the Electrolux website.

The vitamin C releasing feature benefits users by helping to stop bacteria and make the skin better, according to the Electrolux website. The vitamin is released as nanoparticles.

Users also benefit from the Electrolux air conditioner's air filtration features, including the Bio HEPA filter, Goldtech Protection and the Duo Plasma System. The filter gets rid of up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, while Goldtech Protection keeps bacteria and corrosion from causing problems within the evaporator and condenser, mentions Electrolux. The Duo Plasma System can also help get rid of bacteria in the area outside of the air conditioner.

The company's air conditioners are known for being energy efficient due to the sleep mode function that lets users set a different temperature for while they sleep, as well as using interval technology in operation.